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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Google Images

Google Images has been used by some exporters in researching their International Trade Research and International Marketing assignments. They have found really useful stuff - both images and graphic material.

This is an example of an image which could enhance an assignment in which the exporter was writing about exporting dairy products to India.

In almost all cases Google Images gives you the context of the image and this often contains more information which can be useful. Be aware that some of the images are from sources like blogs or flickr. If you do use images from Google, always make sure that you note and acknowledge the source e.g.

www.dairyindia.com/dairy3.jpg Google Images retrieved 9 July, 2008

Images can be difficult to find again unless you search in exactly the same way, so it is worth noting the source immediately.

Try your own search or one of these:

Turkish industry OR China dairy industry


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