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Friday, 22 January 2010

ICD - International Customs Day

Customs organisations worldwide celebrate International Customs Day (ICD) each year on 26 January. This marks the day of the first official meeting of the Customs Co-operation Council, now known as the World Customs Organization, which has 169 member states.

In New Zealand ICD will mark 170 years of Customs protecting New Zealand’s borders.   This year’s International Customs Day is about recognising partnerships between Customs and business, and includes interesting, lively, and educational activities including:

* a special focus on counterfeit goods including how to tell the real from the fake

* the kinds of unusual plants and animals that smugglers attempt to trade illegally

* detector dog demonstrations

* x-ray machine displays

* weapons seized at the border

* exhibits showing the methods drug smugglers use to try and beat border security.

Go to events in:

Civic Square
Tuesday 26 January 2010
11am – 4pm


Viaduct Harbour
Saturday 30 January 2010
11am – 5pm
and checkout the website of New Zealand Customs: http://www.customs.govt.nz/icd/default.htm

Thursday, 21 January 2010

New Zealand Wineries Case Studies - FREE!

Go to the Free Downloads page on the New Zealand School of Export website for the latest edition of the Wineries Case Studies:


Photo from Wikimedia Commons (karinl)  Central Otago vineyard near Felton Road.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Exporting is a hidden activity

Waireinga = Leaping water; also called  The Bridal Veil Falls, Waikato, New Zealand.  Photo: F.Siddle 15 January 2010

What is the link you might ask?  I have just spent a few days in Hamilton and the Waikato Region.   We visited this stunning waterfall where the water falls 55 metres to the pool below.   I had not heard of these falls - they were a hidden delight to be discovered - maybe they are in Lonely Planet or another guide which I hadn't consulted.   It occurred to me that exporting  in New Zealand and probably in other countries is an activity where companies just get on with it.  The Waikato has a number of exporting companies but they are unseen and unsung.  

Ironically it is often products which trumpet themselves are being of 'export quality', 'for export only', export this or that, but these words don't really impinge on our lives.   Out there there are many  companies  doing the hard work which keeps our economy going .

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

BBC News - Who wins from China's export growth?

BBC News - Who wins from China's export growth?

China is now probably the world's biggest exporter according to its official News Agency. But what is more amazing is that Germany held top exporter spot especially when you compare their populations: Germany has only 82 million people whereas the PRC has 1,338 million

Monday, 11 January 2010

Congratulations to New Zealand School of Export graduate

Pierre Schindler currently working for Fonterra in Auckland has become one the New Zealand School of Export's latest graduates from the Diploma of International Trade course.   Congratulations!   Pierre who received the Dr Robin W. Smith Scholarship is happy to share his experiences of doing the Diploma with other prospective and current students.   Contact the School in order to link up with Pierre: info@export.ac.nz   If you are interested in reading about the Course and the Scholarships available go to: http://www.export.ac.nz/ NOW.    You can start your studies for the Diploma at the beginning of every month using our flexible enrolment and study programme.