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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Beyond the Farm...

The Paul Callaghan Interviews are a series in which science communicator Professor Paul Callaghan talks with New Zealand entrepreneurs and scientists about the way forward for our economy and society. Two episodes in particular feature New Zealand exporters and exporting companies:

Episode 4: Paul talks to Michael Chick of Tait Electronics and Mike Daniell of Fisher and Paykel Healthcare

Episode 8: Paul talks to Neville Jordan of Endeavour Capital and Andrew Coy of Magritek.

Both can be viewed at: http://www.hotscience.co.nz/extrasciencevideos.php?videotypeid=3&hdrcode=4 and can be downloaded freely.

This series is accompanied by Paul Callaghan's book
Wool to weta: transforming New Zealand's culture & economy which is available from ELIS.

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