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Friday, 9 October 2009

Entrepreneurship hmmm...

Photo by Sushrutha Metikurke from http://sushrutha.blogspot.com and used with permission. Wind turbines at Te Apiti Wind Farm near Woodville 12 September 2009

Plenty of entrepreneurship involved in setting up these wind farms northeast of Palmerston North I would think. But what does entrepreneurship really mean?
There is a report by Jenny Keown in the Dominion Post today page C1, in which Sam Morgan (ex TradeMe) is interviewed. He says that he does not like the term entrepreneur, particularly when it is applied to him.

For exporters entrepreneurship is a key factor - what does it mean in international trade?

Sam Morgan is quoted as saying "For me, an entrepreneur is a business person who is yet to be successful. We are still struggling for a common defintion of what an entrepreneur is." When really pushed he said:

"Someone who builds a meaningful business to make a tonne of money is an entrepreneur"

What does the export/import industry think? Post your comment below.

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Graeme said...

Here's another definition from the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of International Business Studies:

"Entrepreneurship has been defined as the identification and exploitation of previously unexploited opportunities"

JIBS 40no.8 (Oct/Nov 2009) p.1239