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Friday, 12 March 2010

Nuggets of Information for the Exporter

Photo from Wikimedia Commons by Ikiwaner.

Every now and again one finds pieces of information which are nuggets - really worthwhile pieces that should be shared either by blogging them or emailing on to a colleague or printing off for sending around the staff.

Such a piece comes from David Mahon Managing Director, Mahon China Investment Management Limited. He has written a short piece entitled China and New Zealand.   Probably there is nothing entirely new in it but its brevity and encouraging tone is worth reading and thinking about.  It is not often that the Government and Public Service get accolades like this:  New Zealand's trade policy and ongoing diplomacy is, however, well ahead of the nations's companies in China.

It is also challenging: 'Brand New Zealand' has yet to be established in China in many industries; now is the time to do so.   

The bit that caught my eye was:  New Zealand companies need not wait for Chinese investors to seek them out; they should instead be assessing the relevant sectors in China and undertaking due diligence...

You can find  the full text at:



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