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Monday, 21 June 2010

The devaluation of "export" in advertising, or is it fair enough?

Have you seen advertising which includes the word 'export' where its use is meant to endorse the value of the product or service?  The star shape is often used - presumably to enhance the quality message.

Or have you seen the word 'export' used as an adjective on an actual product or on its packaging?  Another variation you may have come across is 'Returned export order' or 'Surplus to export order'.

Do we ever pause to think what this use of 'export' means?   Does it devalue real exports?   Are we taken in by these uses of the word 'export' because we think that exports are always the top quality, the best our country can produce?  Maybe they are and therefore we are not taken in ?
Who assesses export quality?   Is there a generally applied meaning for this which is - 'of the highest quality' - as it applies to individual products?   Or is it simply loose use of language to dupe the consumer?

What do you think?   Is there a case to answer for the deliberate misuse of the word 'export' or is it fair enough?

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