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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Library Week 2010 - Ask Me - Mode 4 Trade

I came across a reference to 'Mode 4 trade' recently, so decided to set this as my question for Library Week 2010:

Q. What is Mode 4 trade?

A. This is defined as individuals moving across borders to deliver a service e.g. a construction worker or fruit-picker. This is officially known as ‘movement of natural persons.’

Source: http://www.migrationdrc.org/publications/briefing_papers/BP4.pdf

 This source gives very useful information about all four of the modes as set out by GATS.  Certainly we have Mode 4 trade going on in New Zealand where fruitpickers are hired to come and pick summer fruit or kiwifruit.

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Graeme said...

There is a post by Simon Lester on the IELP blog relating to Mode 4 trade - see "Protecting Citizens Who Work Abroad " at: http://worldtradelaw.typepad.com/