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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Whanganui's Inland Container Terminal

Photo: Graeme Siddle

This photo of containers in the Palmerston North railyards was taken from Tremaine Avenue on Friday 17 December, 2010.   Having heard/read suggestions for an inland port for Palmerston North I googled ‘inland port palmerston north ‘  and found that on 7th October, 2010, the Wanganui Chronicle announced the creation of an inland container terminal in Whanganui’s industrial area in an article by John Maslin - http://www.wanganuichronicle.co.nz/local/news/inland-container-terminal-is-all-shipshape/3925469/
Train enthusiasts have posted some photos of the line to Castlecliff and the facilities at:

It appears then that Palmerston North has missed out on this opportunity and will instead consolidate its position as a distribution hub with a population catchment of over 1 million people.

Exporting companies are playing a key role in the Whanganui development.  However there doesn’t seem be any information on the net about how the project is going and whether it is fully operational yet.   Perhaps Whanganui readers of this blog or those interested may be able to contribute to this.

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