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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

TPP negotiations – Santiago, Chile

Right now the fifth round of TPP negotiations is being held in Chile finishing on Friday 18 February.   These talks are very important for New Zealand and equally important is that New Zealanders are able to see what is going on at the talks through the release of information.  President Obama has said the agreement ‘must be enforceable, and of the highest standard, in the interests of our workers, farmers and businesses.’  I'm sure New Zealand workers, farmers and businesses as well as those of the other countries in the talks agree with that.

There is some information about the Santiago Round at: http://tppwatch.org/  from Professor Jane Kelsey who is a stakeholder at the talks.   The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade website has no information at this point but there is a little on the Australian Foreign Affairs site at: http://www.dfat.gov.au/fta/tpp/index.html  including the submissions that have been made to the Australian Government.

This Free Trade Agreement has great potential for both good and for harm and New Zealand exporting companies of both goods and services need to be aware of these continuing negotiations.  It is difficult to comment of course when there is no draft text upon which to comment!

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