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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Russia is (Just About) in the WTO

International Economic Law and Policy Blog: Russia is (Just About) in the WTO

The above post from the IELP blog highlights Russia's bid for membership of the WTO. It is worth remembering that countries such as New Zealand, Australia and Canada having all been members since 1995. New Zealand has embarked on negotiations for a free trade agreement with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan and it will be interesting to see what effect Russia's membership of the WTO has on them. An update on those negotiations can be found at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade website: http://www.mfat.govt.nz/Trade-and-Economic-Relations/2-Trade-Relationships-and-Agreements/Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan/index.php


Buladi said...

Like other countries Russia also have rights to get membership because of its trade to the world for increase Economics.WTO membership is very important for Russia like other country.

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Julie said...

Don't believe... In Belarus still rules the last dictator of Europe! There is nothing to talk about.