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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Warm Christmas Greetings to Exportersblog Readers

Christmas Greetings to all readers of this blog wherever you are.  Since most of you are in the northern hemisphere I thought some pictures of warm flowers which we have flowering this Christmas might 'export' some warmth into your reading.
Thank you for continuing to read the posts I put up. On Thursday last I listened to a radio interview with the developer of the Read Write Web blog, Richard McManus.  For those who may not be aware this blog was developed in Petone, New Zealand - Richard is a New Zealander - and has just been sold for ca US$5 million.   Richard said that he was getting 5 million hits a month whereas Exportersblog is getting just over 800.  Although paltry in comparison, it very worthwhile for me, and hopefully for those interested in international trade.  I trust you will continue to dip in and see what I am thinking about and maybe in 2012 make a comment.
Certainly in New Zealand with all our political parties in the newly elected Parliament promising to grow the economy with 'export-led growth' - we can  expect  some new and exciting things to happen!?
I know that one of my presents this year is a Kindle - thank you to our American friends who have exported this e-reading technology around the world.  At the moment it is tantalisingly wrapped and awaiting Christmas morning.   It will be a Christmas of discovery for me - importing titles, getting used to the way it works, almost certainly sharing it with family for the first few days.  In one of my early posts for 2012 I will let you know how I have been getting on.
In the meantime try to keep warm and enjoy these summer flowers from my garden in Palmerston North.  Before Web 2.0 this kind of exporting was  much less frequent  - aren't we blessed with technological advances.
Best wishes to you all.

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