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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Supply Chain Solution – Key to Port Choice

The new definition of competitive service of a port now has a major shift in integrating supply chain.

A supply chain solution, which bundles comprehensive logistics services is critical to a port operator to match today’s service demand, particularly from medium and small exporters, which do not have an export office or similar function established within the company.

The trend signals that what the exporters want today is not only the reduced transport cost and lead time, but also an integrated supply distribution system that could improve the market penetrability, while simplifying other export process functions such as documentation, accounting and custom clearance etc.

However, there are still a lot of challenges to NZ port operators and logistics providers.

1) How do we change our mindset of traditional port operation in relate to competitive service offering?

2) How to finding adequate resources, technological and human resources?

3) Any potential JV programs viable? Such as working with inland transportation providers, freight forward, customs brokers?

4) How much support can port operators obtain from industrial bodies, Universities, banks and governments?

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New Zealand School of Export said...

Did anyone see the article on RFID in the DominionPost 19 May 2008 page C6? It outlines the way EastPack are tracking pallets of kiwifruit stored before export.