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Thursday, 6 November 2008

More on FTAs

Certificates of Origin
For those of you who are already exporting to China, or hoping to export to China: did you know that from the 1st of October this year you will need a Certificate of Origin if you want to take advantage of the preferential access provided by the New Zealand-China FTA? The New Zealand Chambers of Commerce is an approved certification body. You can contact your local Chamber, or phone 0800 EXPORT (0800 397 678). Also see www.newzealandchambers.co.nz

Is New Zealand the only country so focused on FTAs?
Having just been away overseas I have discovered that we aren't. In September Japan for example has negotiated deals with both Switzerland and Vietnam to conclude bilateral free-trade agreements. Switzerland would be the first industrialized country to conclude a free-trade agreement with Japan which already has agreements with nine economies.
Source: Japan Times 30 September, 2008 p.9


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