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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

What are your views on free trade negotiations between P4 and the US?

The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs is looking for submissions on the upcoming free trade negotiations between the US and the four member countries of P4 - the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (New Zealand, Brunei, Chile and Singapore).

The existing agreement proposes the complete removal of traiffs on trade between the four partner countries by 2017. The US is now considering whether it will join in the agreement and begin to phase out tariffs for products from the P4 countries.

While the focus has been mostly on the potential removal of the significant barriers New Zealand faces on its agricultural exports to the US, there is also potential for gains for exporters of manufactured products and services.

Submissions can be made directly to the Ministry by Monday 8 December and should be sent to:

Email: ftp4@mfat.govt.nz
Post: Trans-Pacific Agreement Submissions
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Private Bag 18901

Or you can fill out the online submission form at:


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