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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

EXPORTER magazine

Having had a rant earlier this month about the demise of Bright magazine which was published by NZTE, it behoves me to set the picture straight and write a post about Exporter magazine. Issue 12 (September Quarter 2009) is a great collection of articles ranging from IP through to trade fairs and managing expenses. An article on exporter education includes the New Zealand School of Export and its Diploma of International Trade: http://www.export.ac.nz/

If you haven't read Exporter and want to try it out, there is a sample issue (issue 10) on the website at: http://www.mygazines.net/publication/935
From the online version you can save articles, share articles with friends, social bookmark pages or download the pdf. Of course the ideal would be a subscription to get all the material.

1 comment:

Alison said...

Hi Graeme - it is very sad that 'Bright' is no longer with us, but NZTE is now working with IN-BUSINESS magazine to bring the latest on export news to its readers. The first issue since the new partnership has just come out - time will tell whether it fills the space that Bright left behind.

Exporter magazine is nothing to do with NZTE (I don't think so anyway), it is published by the NZ Trade Centre and is targeted at 4000 named exporters. Yes, NZ School of Export was featured in the last issue, as were a couple of our exporters who were very kind to share their experiences of Trade Fairs with readers - thanks to Sally and Dehua for that!