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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Technology 3rd biggest export industry?

On Tuesday the Dominion Post published a report by Ben Heather entitled Adaptable technology firms show the way through the recession Business Day section p. C1.
His first paragraph stated: 'Technology was New Zealand's third-biggest export industry last year, outpacing wine and meat exports, a report says. That report was the TIN100 2009 Report.

Technology Investment Network (TIN) publishes an annual report. The 2009 report is a benchmarking study of the country's largest (by revenue) globally focused technology companies in the areas of High Tech Manufacturing, ICT and Biotechnology.

Readers of this blog who have looked again at the Top Ten Exports post from last year, will find it difficult to compare this statement with that list, because the Top Ten post focused on products as opposed to industries. Presumably 'globally focused companies' are those which are exporting?

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