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Friday, 15 April 2011

Export Drive New Zealand

Periodically articles are published in the media which exhort companies in New Zealand to grow their exports- to grow our trade with the rest of the world.   Recently the Executive Director at Export New Zealand, Catherine Beard, wrote a comment piece headed Growth in trade essential if incomes are to increase.   This was published in the Dominion Post on April 4, 2011, p.C2.

Her thrust was that recently negotiated free trade agreements have been successful and that both the major political parties have trade policy agendas which are supported by Export New Zealand.  That's fine but articles such as this avoid the question of how companies get the training necessary to be able to export successfully in the global marketplace.   Some people learn to ride a bike by themselves and fall off many times in the process - others get someone to help.   Companies can avoid mistakes and get support by completing a course such as the Diploma of International Trade offered by the New Zealand School of Export.   I wouldn't have expected Ms Beard to support one course over another but encouragement of exporters to get practical assistance would help promote 'the growth in trade' which we all agree is so important.   International trade education is vital to the continuing success and health of the sector.

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