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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Exporter, designer, writer

Shells of Kina, sea urchins or sea eggs.  Photo Graeme Siddle.

I have just discovered the website of a Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, exporter called David Trubridge.  David Trubridge Ltd is a furniture and lighting design company and three quarters of the output from its factory in Whakatu is exported.   Australia is the biggest single market for their products, but he also sells through distributors or shops in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Singapore.
For David context is everything and his website with its Design pages, (as opposed to product pages)  are set in a rich context:  http://www.davidtrubridge.com

Under the About button you will find a section on his Core Values set out under the following headings: Nourishment, Fashion, Design process and Why we Need Art.  Under each is a quotation from interviews he has given to design magazines.   It is a pity that the references for the articles are not given because he does seem to be very careful in his writing to note relevant sources.

The Writing button  gives access to five essays and to his blog.  These provide that vital context for what he and his team produce.  Here is a quote from his essay The Cultural Designer:

All of this means that a new type of design must be created. I call this Cultural Design -- design as we have never known it, at least for a very long time. The cultural designer will primarily design abstract lifestyles and rituals that allow us to lead a sustainable life. For the few objects that are needed, they will have much less to do with the physical workings of objects, and more to do with their effect -- how they nourish us.

Do take a look and read some of his material – it is very challenging.   By looking at this New Zealand exporter’s website, I’m sure you will also discover the link with the photo.

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