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Friday, 16 September 2011

Exportersblog Audience

I thought some readers might be interested in this map of our audience from the past 7 days screengrabbed at 10.00 p.m. NZT on Friday September 16, 2011.  As has been commented before, readers from the US and New Zealand outnumber all others.  The most popular topics change frequently and range across posts made in different years.
There have been very few posts specific to South America or Africa and this could be a reason for a lack of readers from those continents.   Language does not seem to have prevented European and Asian readers from viewing posts in this week.
One could draw a line across the map and with the exception of NZ, it might be deduced that reading blog posts on exporting and international trade topics are a northern hemisphere preoccupation.

Comments anyone?

1 comment:

merlene said...

I am following your blog so i can understand more about exporting and the process's involved? The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in this blog. Thanks for sharing.