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Monday, 19 September 2011

Namibia and its links to New Zealand

Bunting for the Rugby World Cup at the New Zealand School of Export 2011. Photo: 14 September, 2011, Graeme Siddle.   Namibia's flag is second from the right.  The blue stands for the clear sky, the Atlantic Ocean, water, and rain. Red is said to represent Namibia's people reflecting their heroism and desire for equal opportunity. And white stands for peace and unity, with green symbolizing vegetation and agriculture.

As a result of Namibia's participation in RWC 2011, there is no doubt that more New Zealanders will recognise Namibia's flag than before.   But how much do we know about that country in south-west Africa as international trade professionals.
Connections between the two peoples appear to be very few and in the period 2006-2010 there were fewer than 200 visitor arrival in each year.   This contrasts with with over 30,000 visitor arrivals in the 2010 year ended June, from Namibia's near neighbour South Africa.

In fact it appears that on a business level there have been more connections than we realise - New Zealand has had a role in the development of the orange roughy and other deep-water fisheries in Namibian waters, and we have been involved in the post and telecommunications reform and training.  These links are described in the Country Brief published by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and which is available digitally at: http://tinyurl.com/3jeobjy    This  Exporter Guide to Namibia was written in preparation for Namibia's participation in Rugby World Cup 2011.   So if you are a rugby fan and want information on Namibia's games you will get that here too.

Another resource which might be useful if you are a business person interested in Namibia is Doing Business in Namibia  published by The World Bank and International Finance Corporation and available from: http://tinyurl.com/3jvs9s5

New Zealand is represented by a Consulate in Windhoek, but is not represented in New Zealand.

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