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Monday, 10 October 2011

IATTO Forum Chengdu, China 2011 - Why you should not miss this Forum

James Foley, current Chairman of IATTO has set out ten top reasons why you should go to China for the 2011 Forum next month:

  1. First time ever for IATTO to hold a forum in China.
  2. Outstanding professional development opportunities including insights into China, the global economy and trade, technology and trade, entrepreneurship, and case examples of firms expanding internationally.
  3. Over 20 leading speakers in international trade training, education, and promotion.
  4. Opportunities to visit Chengdu - one of the fastest growing and economically dominant cities in inland China. We will also visit the Xindo Industry Park, Furniture Park, and International Trading City. 
  5. Networking opportunities with colleagues from around the world.
  6. Get industry insights such as the Chinese solar industry and best practices in outsourcing.
  7. Better understand the unique challenges of trade training and promotion in emerging economics as seen from China, the US, and Europe. 
  8. Visit the campus of our host - the Nordic International Management Institute (NIMI).  See their beautiful new campus and learn about exchange opportunities with this growing university.
  9. A rare opportunist to visit the Giant Panda Breeding Center outside Chengdu - a 600 acre research and breeding ground where you will see these wonderful ambassadors for China freely roaming.
  10. Gain new friends.  Renew old friendships!
One of the reasons he lists is that it is on the campus of the Nordic International Management Institute (NIMI):

That seems to be a standout reason in itself!

Go to IATTO:    http://www.iatto.org 
and NIMI:          http://www.nimichina.com/

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