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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Paul Reynolds died 23 May 2010

Today at St Patrick's Cathedral in Auckland the funeral service for Paul Reynolds is being held.   New Zealand will farewell a man supportive of libraries and librarians, and an enthusiastic commentator on the world - not just the IT world.
When I saw the emails nzlibs 'RIP Paul Reynolds' and read them - it didn't dawn on me that he had died - I thought rather that he finished his blog or moved to another country!  Alas I did finally discover that he had died on 23 May from leukemia.
I was most familiar with him from his posts to nzlibs and from his slot on National Radio on Afternoons.   He was so interesting, with a touch of feistiness and a good deal of sense.  Often I heard him while driving and I wished I had a pen and paper to note down his thoughts.
Yesterday May 26 Hamish MacEwan and Jim Mora talked about him on Afternoons and you can hear that broadcast here:

The whole of the library world in New Zealand will be the poorer without Paul Reynolds - not the Telecom Paul Reynolds as this Paul would say!
Graeme Siddle

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Graeme said...

You might be wondering why this post is on Exportersblog - well it was a mistake! But then I decided to leave it because Paul Reynolds was an important person who analysed the world and what was happening particularly in the world of IT, but not exclusively as you will see from his last blog on Peoplepoints. He warned, cajoled, predicted and advised.