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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Will Katla Blow?

The prospect of the Icelandic volcano Katla erupting will be making some exporters quail at the possibility and others may be rejoicing.   The CIPD (United Kingdom) Update for 28 April 2010 did a poll on volcanic ash disruption which revealed that the biggest impact on business was people being stuck abroad (72%).   Just 22% felt that the disruption had no impact, and 6% had problems with imports/exports.

The flower exporters of Kenya would I am sure tell a different story.

Here is New Zealand the disruption has opened up new markets for a fish exporter.   The demand for NZ King Salmon's products have 'rocketed' in Asia and the Middle East.   You can read the report at:


Have you got any disruption stories?  Take a moment to share them with us.

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