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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Telling trade stories

I have come across a great website called All told - helping New Zealand exporters tell stronger stories.   http://www.alltold.co.nz/

All Told is the trading name of Chris Wilson & Associates Ltd - Chris used to write for bright magazine (now sadly canned).  The All Told people believe that exporters are not telling their story well enough and they are there to help.  Yes they charge, but there is also some great free stuff on the website too.

For example I pulled off a 12 point checklist to help exporters prepare and write a memorable story. 

Have a look at it.
So just to finish a mini-story:

Gordon Brown appealed to God before the election for some cash.   When the volcanic ash came from Iceland - he said to God: 'I said cash not ash'.   Well.... prayers are always answered but not in the way we expect.

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