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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Economic powerhouse - the South Island?

Mid-Canterbury, South Island, N.Z.

In his Comment column published in the Dominion Post for February 28, 2011, Tom Pullar-Strecker asserted that 'The mainland (= South Island for our non-NZ audience) is the powerhouse of our export economy.'

At first this seemed a bit far-fetched and I puzzled over how I would prove or disprove his statement.  Subsequently I was reading the February issue of NZ Manufacturer p.10 and came across these outstanding statistics for Mid-Canterbury which supplies:

  • 50% of world requirements for radish seeds
  • 35% of world requirements for white clover seeds
  • 33% of world requirements for carrot seeds
  • approx 30% of world requirements for bok choi seeds
  • 1/4 of all NZ feed grains
  • 60% of the seeds for growing pasture - underpinning a NZD$9 bn export industry
These figures at least go some way to proving Tom Pullar-Strecker right!  It's obviously a subject worth more investigation.

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