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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Whos Talkin - Crowdsourcing

On 17 March I wrote a post on the New Zealand company LanzaTech.   If you were interested in this company and what it is doing with clean technologies, you may have followed up the links provided.    If you were particularly interested in what people are saying in the social media about LanzaTech, you should check out a site such as Whos Talkin: http://www.whostalkin.com

If you do a search on LanzaTech you will retrieve a long list of results of 'who has been talking=blogging, twittering, writing'.   Whos Talkin also covers and includes this blog.

Searches work work very quickly if they are limited to one social medium, but it's worth persisting with a search across all the media.  For example type in the search 'wood exports' and click Twitter from the left-hand sidebar.  This should retrieve tweets on wood exports, and then either try another medium or a search across all.   Try it out - it may be a tool that really helps you keep up to date in your exporting or importing company.

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