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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Our Audience

Like me, you have probably wondered who else is reading this blog.   Well it is interesting to look at and study the Pageviews by countries statistics.   In a recent month which I have analysed, 31.3% of pageviews were from the United States, and this is consistent with the month just passed as well.  Thank you to all those Americans who read Exportersblog - it's great to know that you are looking at the posts even if you feel you cannot comment.   However if you want to share comments from a US point of view, that would be great as it would add some zest to the blog I'm sure.

In the month from mid-January to mid-February, Dutch readers were the second largest group by pageview, followed by New Zealanders.   For the month just passed, those places were reversed.

It is obvious that pageview statistics will be influenced by the subject matter of each post and there have been a few posts on the TPP trade agreement negotiations which may have attracted US readers.   Canadians did not seem to be picking up on the blog at all.

Pageviews by readers from countries where English is not the first language were a staggering 47.5% in the month I analysed.   Of course English may be the language of business in those countries.

Readers' comments may have given us some idea of our readership, but like other blogs which I look at, it seems that people are content to read rather than leave comments.   If the Exportersblog  gives you information or even makes you think, then it is fulfilling its goals.   That said, more comments would be always be welcomed and appreciated.  Commenting is easy - there are instructions on the left hand side of this post.

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