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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Apple exports from New Zealand - decline!

In my two posts about our holiday to Germany and the United Kingdom, I mentioned the fall in apple exports from New Zealand.   An article in the Dominion Post for Thursday 4 August, 2011 (Page C1), goes some way to explaining what is happening.

Some of the points outlined by Jon Morgan were:

  • Growers must change the industry's strategy and alter the way they market their fruit
  • New Zealand's apples are sold to an unknown destination, with fruit going through two hands in Europe before finishing up in the UK
  • All four major supermarket chains in Britain are supplied, but the apples go through many service providers to get onto the shelves in the high street
  • We are not promoting the New Zealand brand but rather numerous independent brands
As a result of this very bleak picture 'bankers and international consumers were starting to question the industry's viability.'

These solutions were given:
  • One point of entry for the majority of Braeburn apples going into the UK
  • Using collective shipping
  • Promotion of "Brand New Zealand" rather than a myriad of brands which were not necessarily obvious as from New Zealand
  • Eliminate marginal apple varieties
  • Get the marketing right for entry into the new Australian market
Is there an apple exporter among our readers who would like to comment?

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