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Monday, 29 August 2011

Posting milestone

Congratulations from Clarissa ! Exportersblog has reached 200 posts!  Photo: Awesome Pai Rawa Graeme Siddle 28th August 2011.   I am surprised and delighted that three and a half years and 200 posts have gone by since early 2008.   I was challenged to start a blog after having attended the VALA Conference in Melbourne, Australia.   The challenge remains to develop an active  readership community focusing on international trade topics and issues.

There is certainly no shortage of issues on which to post, so I hope Exportersblog will continue, and meet that challenge.  The most popular post has been the GoGlobal Post on Sept. 29, 2010 with 326 pageviews and it is continuing to be looked at! May 2011 had the highest number of pageviews overall at 570.
The blog that pleases me the most is one that so far has not had any pageviews - Pallets and International Trade posted on 19th August.   I was so pleased to find that there are blue pallets in New Zealand, that some of them have ended up in  Palmerston North and hopefully are playing a vital role in world trade.

Thank you to our readership over that time - especially all the American readers who look at the blog.    My compatriots are second in terms of total readers.  I do puzzle over the small numbers of people from Australia who look at the posts - 84 pageviews from Australia as opposed to 1,400+ for readers from the States.   Do Australians not blog?  Do they have obvious alternatives?  I have looked and can't find them.   There is My World Blog  from Miriam Feiler of Trade Australia and there is The VECCI Blog from Victoria which includes export and import topics.   It would be great to be put right if there is something we should know about.

I'm looking forward to the next 200 posts on international trade and hope to have your company from around the globe.

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